ISO26262: Freedom from interference

ISO26262: Freedom from interference – What is that?

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ISO26262 Freedom from interference : There are four essential measures in the development of safety-critical systems. Design of safe systems Measures to minimize random hardware errors Measures to minimize systematic hardware and software errors Organizational measures (management of functional safety) Particularly in the design of safe systems, the principle of Freedom from interference is a […]

Konfigurierbare/kalibrierbare Software nach ISO26262

ISO 26262: configurable / calibratable Software – Chance or Risk?

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Configurable Software Systems in ISO26262 are discussed in part 6 Annex C. This blog summarizes important requirements of the standard and shows practice-oriented challenges of software-configurable embedded systems. The use of calibration data in configurable systems offers a lot of advantages. The functional behavior of the entire system can be adjusted by simple and rapid […]

ISO 26262: Fault Injection Test – Do you really need it?

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The ISO 26262 defines the fault injection test as a test method for the system integration and unit test level (ISO 26262-4 [System] Tables 5, 8, 10, 13, 15, 18; ISO 26262-5 [Hardware] Table 11; ISO 26262-6 [software] tables 10, 13). This method has certainly a large part in the implementation of a possible error-free […]

Re-Use Szenarien in der ISO26262

Reuse scenarios in ISO 26262 (part 1)

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Why is the reuse of software, hardware, or complete electronic control units a central theme? Two essential aspects are to be considered: the development costs can be reduced significantly, i.e. reuse of components is very attractive in economic terms. But also for security reasons, the reuse of components can offer significant benefits. A control unit, […]