Structural Source Code Coverage – Cost without benefit?

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Structural Source Code Coverage: Are you working in software projects where functional safety is becoming more and more important? The use of IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or a comparable standard is around the corner or you are already in the middle of such a project? In these cases you have probably already encountered the term […]

Source Code Überdeckung

Strukturelle Source Code Überdeckung – Aufwand ohne Nutzen?

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Strukturelle Source Code Überdeckung: Sie arbeiten in Software Projekten in denen das Thema Funktionale Sicherheit immer wichtiger wird? Die Anwendung von IEC 61508, ISO 26262 oder einer vergleichbaren Norm steht vor der Tür oder Sie befinden sich bereits mitten in so einem Projekt? In diesen Fällen ist Ihnen vermutlich der Begriff Strukturelle Source Code Coverage […]

Requirement and Test Traceability

Requirement and Test Traceability – Any added value?

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Requirement and Test Traceability: Think about the following situation: You are near the end of your safety-related project and you have established traceability between all the project artifacts. In an audit (e.g. Internal Quality Assurance, Customer, External Authority) you have to demonstrate which software requirements are developed from which System Requirements. Each software requirement is […]